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How To Do What You Were Put Here To Do


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Truly successful, happy, peaceful, and fulfilled people, wake up every morning knowing that they are doing what they are meant to be doingThey are being who they are meant to be – and living their souls purpose.

Imagine what it would be like if you were one of them

On This Webinar You Will Discover


The 7 Keys To Create Your Soulful and Successful Life… And Business


Key 1: Make A Decision

Simple – But Not Always Easy!

Making a decision is like turning the key in the engine of your automobile… it’s what gets everything started!


Key 2: Clarify Your Vision

Draws You Forward Into The Future

It’s one thing to move away from pain and discomfort, and it’s a whole different experience to feel yourself drawn toward something that excites and inspires you.


Key 3: Pay Attention

Changes Your Perspective On Your Situation

The Universe is always giving you signs and providing you with guidance as to where to go and what to do next on your journey. And until you begin to truly learn how to pay attention to the signs all around you in every moment of every day, you will likely remain stuck, confused, and frustrated about being on the hamster wheel. Paying attention – truly paying attention – changes all of that immediately.


Key 4: Embrace The Edge

It’s Where The Soul Thrives

Unfortunately, many people shy away from the edge and try to convince themselves that they’re better off staying safe and comfortable. They let past fears, doubts, patterns, and beliefs take control to protect them. Yet staying safe, comfortable, and protected is exactly the place where the dream of being Soulful and Successful dies.


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Key 5: Choose You

It’s OK To Do What’s Best For You

All of us are put here on Earth to be all that we were born to be. And believe it or not, when you choose YOU, live your life fully, and fulfill your soul’s calling, you are making the greatest possible contribution you can – not just to yourself, but to those around you and all of humanity. The world needs people who choose themselves because they can then liberate their soul’s calling and fulfill the unique role they were put here to fulfill.


Key 6: Take Inspired Action

Send A Message To The Universe That You’re Ready

Without action, the Universe doesn’t get the signal that you’re serious about the life you want to create. It’s waiting and watching to see whether you are committed to taking action or you stay where you are. It rewards you when you take action by showing you another piece of the puzzle to help you be who you want to be and do what you’re here to do. Without action, that essential next insight or step often remains outside of your ability to see it, receive it, and embrace it.


Key 7: Be Consistent

Making Choices For Your Highest Good

Let’s face it; every single day provides you with ample opportunity to be consistent in making choices – either for your your status quo and a life of quiet dissatisfaction, or you highest good and most fulfilling success.


But First, You’ll Discover This

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This webinar IS a fit for you if:


You feel called to fulfill your highest purpose

You want to experience success that’s right for you

You like to think “outside the box”

You know you’re here to make a positive difference in the world

You’re willing to invest time and energy in your growth and learning

You value freedom, integrity, creativity, service and authenticity

You sense you’ve been “called” to do great work in the world

You are coachable

You want to create a Soulful and Successful life… and business

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What Other People Are Saying

testimonial 1

Steven Lovink: “Christine is really a magician in terms of pulling what resides deep into your soul for the forefront, make it flourish and get it out into your life.

testimonial 2

Andria Corso: “You will discover the courage of the human spirit, the ability for the human spirit to not only prevail, but to flourish.”

testimonial 3

Reggie Blount, Ph.D.: “She has a way of being able to tap into your soul, help you claim your authentic voice, believe that you have something to share with the world, and give you all the tools that are necessary to make that happen.

testimonial 4

D. Marie Hanson, Ph.D.: “We’re all evolving, collectively and individually at the same time. You’ll find your One that’ll go “okay this is me, this is for me”.”

testimonial 5

Lilia Shoshanna Rae: “She really connects you to your soul and your souls purpose, and helps you gather the courage and whatever else you need to accomplish that and bring that out into the world.”

testimonial 6

“Bea” Joy Christianna Baldoz: “She has a soulful way of bringing yourself out, of asking the questions… she helps you go within. That’s what Christine does.”

testimonial 7

Linda T. Roebuck: “She follows her heart, her intuition. She’s able to tune into me , to tune into spirit, and to reach at that soul level, where all possibilities are possible, and I can let the light just break out the breakthrough I had was the belief in myself.

testimonial 8

Meredith Weil: “She is a very genuine authentic Soul that you can trust , believe in to guide you to find your higher purpose and vision.”

testimonial 9

Lauren Perotti: “One of the roadblocks that Christine has helped me overcome is to really believe that my unique soul voice matters . That it doesn’t matter how many other souls are out there with similar messages, that my souls connects with others, but is also unique and needs to be heard.”

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