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Soulful and Successful people know the three big breakthroughs that create a life of meaning, purpose, abundance, service and joy.  Christine has discovered these breakthroughs and shares them with you now in her latest book!  Inside you’ll:

  • Discover the truth about Soulful Success that nobody is talking about… yet.
Gain wisdom about the three big breakthroughs that’ll give you clarity, courage and confidence to pursue your soul’s purpose.
  • Unlock the seven keys that bring authenticity, alignment and inspiration in your life… and business.
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  • Everyone who downloads Christine’s new book is invited to her Live Online Workshop where you’ll be guided step-by-step to discover, understand and experience the Three Big Breakthroughs to Create Your Soulful and Successful Life... and Business. It’s the next best thing to being in person!!
This workshop is designed specifically to give you the support, guidance and clarity needed to take the next step in creating your amazing, Soulful and Successful life... and business. It’s all about helping you make a real, lasting change.
After you grab your copy of Christine’s book, make sure you confirm your registration for this Live Online Workshop! There’s no better time than now to say “yes” to receiving support for creating the Soulful Success you desire… and deserve!

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The Soulful And Successful Immersion Experience
June 9th at 10A.M PST

Christine is running a private workshop for her Community to discover a whole new Program, way of living and achieving Soul Purpose and Breakthroughs many thought impossible before now. All Attendees will receive these resources just for showing up and being present with her in their journey.

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